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Legally, the government of Aldenmarsh is a council of 15 members. Most citizens are aware that the council is a front, and all real power and the majority of council seats are controlled by the Church of Baneth.


Laws in Aldenmarsh are clearly written and collected in a single law book. (The party has learned Church law is in a second book.) Most laws are typical for the region, but some are specific to the theocracy.

Foreigners and Citizenship

Foreigners are required to have a visa to stay in Aldenmarsh. They must sleep in one quarter of Canyonport each night, or on water vessels. A travel visa is required even to travel down the King's Highway in and out of the country. Foreigners must carry identifying documents and visas with them at all times. Laws generally treat foreigners equally, but popular opinion treats them as second class citizens.

Citizens can move around freely. There are no identifying documents or citizenship papers.

To become a citizen of Aldenmarsh after birth is extremely rare. Less than ten people would become citizens a year, and only for extreme acts of national or religious service.


In Canyonport, law is enforced by the Steel Eye (the military of the Church of Baneth), and the city guard. In the rest of the country, each noble has house troops who arrest criminals.

Legal Process