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God Pantheon Alignment God of? Suggested Domains Symbol
Baneth Custom N God of true seeing Knowledge, Any Stylized eye made from three concentric circles
Beory Greyhawk N Goddess of nature Nature Green disk
Boccob Greyhawk N God of magic Knowledge Eye within a pentagram
Celestian Greyhawk N God of stars and wanderers Knowledge Arc of seven stars inside a circle
Ehlonna Greyhawk NG Goddess of woodlands Life, Nature Unicorn horn
Erythnul Greyhawk CE God of envy and slaughter War Single blood drop
Fharlanghn Greyhawk NG God of horizons and exploration Knowledge, Trickery Circle crossed by a curved horizon line
Heironeous Greyhawk LG God of chivalry and war War Lightning bolt
Hextor Greyhawk LE God of war and discord War Six arrows facing downwards in a fan
Kord Greyhawk CG God of athletics and sport Tempest, War Four spears and four maces, radiating from a central point
Incabulos Greyhawk NE God of plague and famine Death Reptilian eye with a horizontal diamond
Istus Greyhawk N Goddess of fate and destiny Knowledge Weaver's spindle with three strands
Iuz Greyhawk CE god of pain and oppression Death Grinning human skull
Nerull Greyhawk NE god of death Death Skull with either a sickle or scythe
Obad-Hai Greyhawk N God of nature Nature Oak leaf and acorn
Olidammara Greyhawk CN God of revelry Trickery Laughing mask
Pelor Greyhawk NG God of the sun and healing Life, Light Sun
Pholtus Greyhawk LG God of light and law Light Silver sun or a full moon partially eclipsed by a smaller crescent moon
Ralishaz Greyhawk CN God of ill luck and insanity Trickery Three bone fate-casting sticks
Rao Greyhawk LG God of peace and reason Knowledge White heart
Saint Cuthbert Greyhawk LN God of common sense and zeal Knowledge Circle at the centre of starburst lines
Tharizdun Greyhawk CE God of eternal darkness Trickery Dark spiral, or inverted ziggurat
Trithereon Greyhawk CG God of liberty and retribution War Triskelion
Ulaa Greyhawk LG Goddess of hills and mountains Life, War Mountain with a circle at its heart
Vecna Greyhawk NE God of evil secrets Knowledge Hand with an eye in its palm
Wee Jas Greyhawk LN Goddess of magic and death Death, Knowledge Red skull in front of a fireball
Bahamut Nonhuman LG Dragon god of good Life, War Dragon's head in profile
Blibdoolpoolp Nonhuman NE Kuoa-toa goddess Death Lobster head or black pearl
Corellon Larethian Nonhuman CG Elf deity of art and magic Light Quarter moon or starburst
Deep Sasheleas Nonhuman CG Elf god of the sea Nature, Tempest Dolphin
Eadro Nonhuman N Merfolk deity of the sea Nature, Tempest Spiral design
Garl Glittergold Nonhuman LG Gnome god of trickery and wiles Trickery Gold nugget
Grolantor Nonhuman CE Hill giant god of war War Wooden club
Gruumsh Nonhuman CE Orc god of storms and war Tempest, War Unblinking eye
Hruggek Nonhuman CE Bugbear god of violence War Morningstar
Kurtulmak Nonhuman LE Kobold god of war and mining War Gnome skull
Laogzed Nonhuman CE Troglodyte god of hunger Death Image of the lizard/toad god
Lolth Nonhuman CE Drow goddess of spiders Trickery Spider
Maglubiyet Nonhuman LE Goblinoid god of war War Bloody axe
Moradin Nonhuman LG Dwarf god of creation Knowledge Hammer and anvil
Rillifane Rallathil Nonhuman CG Wood elf god of nature Nature Oak
Sehanine Moonbow Nonhuman CG Elf goddess of the moon Knowledge Crescent moon
Sekolah Nonhuman LE Sahuagin god of the hunt Nature, Tempest Shark
Skerrit Nonhuman N Centaur and satyr god of nature Nature Oak growing from acorn
Skoraeus Stonebones Nonhuman N God of stone giants and art Knowledge Stalactite
Surtur Nonhuman LE God of fire giants and craft Knowledge, War Flaming sword
Thrym Nonhuman CE God of frost giants and strength War White double-bladed axe
Tiamat Nonhuman LE Dragon goddess of evil Trickery Dragon head with five claw marks
Yondalla Nonhuman LG Halfling goddess of fertility and protection Life Shield