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Letters betweeen Cal and skarra/jacob

Skarra to Cal, Year 422 Day 170 (Patience)

Dear Cal,

I was glad to see you again. You are a man now, growing into a fine man. Never waver from righteous necessity.


Jacob to Cal, Year 422 Day 109

Dear Cal,

I hope this letter finds you safe. I would have preferred to tell you such personal news crammed like fish in a barrel and not tossing it over a gulch, but I understand travel is difficult. This mail is safe from any wrong eyes.

I've briefly met your parents decades ago, though I didn't know them well. They were Neville and Linda Jorvik. Neville Jorvik was a knight from Lorille, who immigrated to Aldenmarsh. Linda Kingstone was noble, and her family disowned her for marrying Neville. Both were half elvish, knock on wood. Neville was in the Watch, and Linda joined afterwards. That's why the Watch made sure to raise you. Every detail we know about how who killed them, we know from asking you as a child. We looked through the house but didn't find any clear signs. I don't know any more than you do.

I will pass your message on to Scarra. I'm sure he will be proud.


Cal to Jacob, Year 422 Day ?

Dear Jacoub 
I am trying to find out info as to where i was born as well as any info on my parents that could help me learn of my past, I know that you are affiliated with the ophanage that took me in so I am wondering if you could send me info on anything useful such as my last name , where I was born, my parents home or just any info on the death of my parents. I thank you in advance and hope to be seeing you and scarra soon. Beckett is doing well tho he is still alitlle too honest and trusting. we have aquired some new members that have joined our ranks and we have even bought a house to start a buisness. I hope you and Scarra are doing well and could you tell Scarra that i have continued to uphold his honour and am soon going to be taking the oath. 

Sincerly Cal

Skarra to Cal, Year 422 Day 55

Dear Cal,

I won't be home, unfortunately. I'll be out fishing with Jacob on his boat for the next three weeks. It is the 51st of the year as I write this. But, you're welcome to stop by. I'd enjoy a spar, though I'm sure I'll regret it the morning after.

Congratulations on finding work. Congratulations also on your new allies. If they prove fast, perhaps you should introduce us. A friend of Cal is a friend of mine.

Stand strong with Baneth. Only fight when it upholds the peace--do not be too eager to strike down evil doers. None of us is perfect.


Cal to Skarra, Year 422 Day ?

Dear scarra 

It is I Cal, your honorable student. I have made it to canyonport tho it seems I will not be here long. Me and Beckett have been doing as you asked, trying to make a difference and we've found some potential allies that may prove useful. I haven't had to use the great sword you gifted me yet but I feel that's about to change, tho I promise to honor it as you told me to. I don't feel comfortable relying all that we must do but I can say that I've been hearing rumors of a rebellion uprising all over aldenmarsh. I feel that this may be cause for concern and should keep a watchful eye but nonetheless am going to keep finding work if I can. let me know if you will still be back home for the next little bit because if so I may venture that way and stop by, would be good to see you again. 

p.s. would love to know more about fighting and still feel like you have a thing or two over me. when I stop by next you better be ready to spare. 

Sincerely Cal