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You have restored a book on Dunamancy. It is written in an unfamiliar dialect of Elvish you haven't encountered, but it is similar enough to standard Elvish that you have put together the instructions. The author is listed as Vutai Dhezriemot Cisi. The name is dark elvish. The use of a third name is very unusual for dark elves--you think it may be honorific or a sign of power.

The book was mostly restored and translated by you, using a magnifying glass and cantrips to aid you. Some clarifying notes were written by Eroan Jian, apparently out of annoyance, in poor elven calligraphy.

You learn about dunamancy. The book is written in a strange way--it has very few nouns, mostly verbs, and talks more about the relations between objects than objects themselves. The author sometimes recognizes objects as distinct from one another, and sometimes talks about the universe as though it was a single, inseparable process or network. As you absorb the writing, your way of looking at the world slowly changes, and you see how things become, rather than how things are. From time to time, you can almost see the invisible bonds and relations--how your friend is connected to their favorite hat by a magnetic pull, the silvery link between you and your mental image of your mentor and your actual mentor, or how a cat on the street looks at its owner--the look has a particular metallic taste to you. Little of dunamancy is directly useful to Chronurgy, but this way of seeing and thinking will mentally free you.

Reading the book, you are glad the author is dead--they are incredibly evil. You try to keep their way of thinking at some remove. They barely even view female dark elves as people, and a male dragonborn would just be an object. If they slit your throat, they would identify the blood coming out as being a more meaningful change in the universe than the fact that you were dead.