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Truth - "See what is, ignore what is not," these are the words of our Holy Lord Baneth. I will try to speak as plainly and briefly as possible, although it does not come naturally to me. The Church of Baneth has not seen His light in hundreds of years, although His eye watches us everywhere. We have strayed from his command. The Church has become a political institution, as is plain to any child. This is not a new change, but being old does not make something right. Baneth issued no special command to His priests to tell others what to do. We have no special guidance from Him, beyond our own dubious wisdom, protect us from hubris. It was not right to exert our will over the will of our follow citizens. It was not right, is not right, and it must stop. The Church must return from a political to a religious body.

Charity - The Church should offer free education to all. The Church, as much as possible, and it is possible today with no changes, should offer free healing to all.

Patience - The truth of Baneth will come to all in time. The Church must cut ties with the government immediately. It must relinquish control of its council seats. It mush relinquish the Steel for the use of the country, except a small force for the use of the Church. It must relinquish the Scriptoria.

Silence - The Church must remove that which is unneccessary. Sermons must be restricted only to scripture of His word and life. If needed, we will erect new churches in the country. The Doctrine of Primacy is not sciptoral and must be rejected.

Loyalty - The Gardeners, although they have provided a great service with their education to all, are not part of the Holy Church. The Church must cut ties with the Gardeners immediately. The Church must cut ties with the nobility of Aldenmarsh immediately.

Light - Above all else, we must re-establish conversation with Baneth.

Family - All have possibility in Baneth's eyes. The Aldish Church of Baneth must become the Church of Baneth. Restrictions on non-Aldish priests must be lifted, and we will send missionaries abroad.

Signed, Laurel Fallenditch, Priest of Baneth and sixth generation Aldish citizen

South of Canyon, Charity Block, Long red house

Research into penalties

Aldenmarsh doesn't keep paperwork on citizenry, and long-term imprisonment is unheard of. If convicted of a major crime, the victim is visibly tattooed ("Marked") with their crime. If someone would get a third Mark they are executed.