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Mages Guild Charter

I. Purpose

The Mages Guild provides benefits to scholars of magic and established laws regarding the proper use of magic. The Guild is dedicated to the collection, preservation, and distribution of magical knowledge.

II. Authority

The Mages Guild of Aldenmarsh was established in the year 32 by the authority of King Maurice Highstone. It was later confirmed by the "Arcane Act". The Archmage of the Mages' Guild is the Mages' Guild representative on the Aldenmarsh Council.

III. Rules and Procedures

Crimes against fellow members of the Guild are treated with the harshest discipline. Whether a member may regain their status in the Guild is determined by the Arch-Mage.

Fees are 200 silver rounds annually for junior members, or 600 for senior members desiring an office. Fees waived for master mages.

Divination is prohibited by the Church of Baneth

IV. Membership Requirements

The Mages Guild accepts only learnèd, intelligent, and skilled members. Expertise in foundations, abjuration, evocation, transmutation, evocation, and invocation is expected. Members should demonstrate knowledge of morality and civic responsibility. Practical and book knowledge of languages, history, religion, geography, zoography, and alchemy is expected.

V. Benefits

All Mages have access to the Mages' Guild library, study rooms, study rooms, common areas, cafeteria, laboratories, practice rooms, and archive.

Food and drink, alchemical supplies, spellworking and enchanting supplies, and books are available at cost. The Mages' Guild has negotiated excellent rates for all of the above.

V. Applications for Membership

Candidates should present themselves to the proctor in the main Guild Hall. A senior mage will examine and approve candidates. An absolute minimum standard is demonstrated mastery of spells of the third circle.

VI. Promotion

Promotion to senior mage requires approval by an master mage, five years' membership, and demonstration of at least three spells of the fourth circle.

Promotion to master mage requires unanamous approval by all master mages.

Elections to all positions are held once yearly, on Day 10. Any mage may nominate themselves for one position. Mages cast one vote each for each position. Whichever candidate for an office receives the most votes assumes the office immediately. Elections are mandatory, and members skipping them will be fined. Submitting votes in advance in person is acceptable.