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In this campaign, several things are needed to make a magic item:

  1. A magical formula. There is a special formula (like a recipe) to make each item.
  2. Character level. Common and uncommon items require level 3, rare ithems level 5, very rare items level 11, and legendary items level 17.
  3. Raw materials. Each item has components which are needed to assemble it. The components may be expensive, the number of attempts to create it may be high, or the PCs may need to hire experts to help them. The cost of the raw materials is essentially the cost of the item.
  4. Labor. The players labor 8 hours a day, making 250sp (25gp) of progress per day. Once they put in the same amount of labor as the cost of materials, they complete the item. For higher-tier items, the DM will pick a labor time manually (by game rules it would be years, for NPCs). A player cannot work on more than one magic item at a time, although they can do other activities in their down time.
  5. Special conditions. Some items have special conditions--the player may need to cast specific spells each day, be of a certain race or class, or find exotic ingredients not available on the marketplace.