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One night after Cal was troubled by dreams from Rao, he went walking around the city at night. He looked into a public fountain, and saw on the other side was a masquerade party, with a large number of dancing people. Up close and looking at him was a figure who seemed to command the respect and fear of those around him. The figure offered Cal power to revenge his parents, at the cost of a pact and service at his court in Cal's old age.

Cal has been slightly mislead. He thought he would serve until his death in his old age. But it's becoming clear all the Prince's servants are at his Court for eternity, and Cal may have only a few years before he is pulled there if the Prince's demands keep escalating.

Prince of Chains

The Prince of Chains is covered, head to toe, in fine chains which shift as he moves, loosening when he is relaxed and tightening if he is angry. Chains lead into the air, seemingly fading away as they go.

The Chain's Pull

The chains pull Cal constantly, and the pull moves him slightly from the material plane each time Cal shows weakness. Eventually, Cal will be pulled off to the Prince's Court entirely, never to leave.

The Prince of Chains sometimes makes demands from Cal. Cal is pact-bound to do whatever the Prince demands, or he will be immediately taken to the Court. When the prince makes a demand, he will say "you must" in his request.

The Prince of Chains also sometimes tempts Cal. He will request a favor--if Cal does the favor, he will loosen the chains, granting Cal more time here in the material realm. If Cal refuses, the chains tighten, reducing his time. When the prince makes we request, we will not use the phrase "you must". Cal figured out that he could refuse these requests after being tricked for a while. Temptations will come at the worst moments possible.

When the Prince makes demands or requests, he shows up in person, and others can see him. In addition, Cal can feel the Prince's emotions through the chains.