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The Blinded Eye: Publicity Cell


The Blinded Eye is a group trying to overthrow the theocracy of Aldenmarsh and put another government in its place.


The Blinded Eye has an "outer circle" of clueless nobodies, from which an "inner circle" of what you estimate are 50 people have been pulled. The inner circle operates in cells of 4-10 people, who operate indepedently and don't know each others identities. Every week you get orders from "White", a member of another cell.


Your cell is in charge of publicity and recruiting. You want to give the Blinded Eye publicity, and good publicity.

Common orders include

Codewords and Security

You have various secret signs and codewords, but they're mostly for fun, and you all know each others' real names in your cell. Come up with street name / nickname and I'll add it below.


Cell members

Other cells