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The Watch

The Watch is an international force of good in the continent. They are made up of paladins, clerics, and other do-gooders of all faiths. They help people and make the world better wherever they can. They don't respect government authority, and in Aldenmarsh they operate illegally and secretly. There is no international headquarters or authority--groups of Watch members in each country decide what to do independently.


The Watch has no single, overarching goal other than to make the world better for everyone. Individuals are given more and more responsibility and autonomy to act as they see fit as they rise in the ranks--it is not a top-down organization. One of the primary goals in Aldenmarsh is simply make sure the Watch remains safe from Council law, while recruiting.

The Watch is currently deciding how to align itself between the Council and Church, and a possible revolutionary group.

Watch Oath

I swear to do always what is right and just, even if it means my life. All are equally deserving of peace, kindness, and good in the eyes of the Gods. I will show mercy to those I can, and exterminate evil where I must. I will protect and help my brothers and sisters in the Watch.

Also, the Aldenmarsh Watch members are warned about the deadly seriousneess of keeping the existence of the Watch in Aldenmarsh completely secret.

Castle Hop

Castle Hop is a Watch headquarters and training ground outside Hopmire. It used to be one of the royal castles, so it's unmaintained now, and Hopmire thinks it's abandoned. There is an orphanage in Hopmire secretly run by the Watch.