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sent from eldon to zorrinn, on Year 422, day 159


We had heard about the war. A small number of foreign mages from Aldenmarsh showed up at the academy, passing through or staying until it's over. I hope that you are safe. You should always do what you know is right, but please don't enlist.

I'm very sorry to hear about your friend, and when you met them so recently. Unfortunately, it sounds like you're following in my footsteps. Adventuring is not an easy road. Sometimes things just happen, and there's nothing you can do. But keep pushing yourself to grow, and more and more things will be within your grasp to change.

Every man must make his own decisions, but know that you and your friends are always welcome here in Weirmont, and I'd be happy to see you again and meet you all.

Congratulations on your advancement! Joining a guild is a huge step, especially for someone as young as yourself. Have you learned any new spells recently? Sending is quite advanced, but I know you can do it. I'm designing a new spell to repel insects myself. It's that time of year. It works but I know I can make it better.


sent from zorinn to eldon/kipper, on Year 422, day 139

Dear Master Eldon and Kipper,

Hey. I'm not sure if you heard about the current war with Aldenmarsh. I was out of town when I heard from my teammate. I'm alright at the time of writing. I decided to stay with my group in Aldenmarsh, which was honestly, a bad idea. Things had been difficult.

I really wanted to pass by and visit you guys. I've been missing you and after Eldon's short disappearance, I've been very keen on visiting you guys. Sadly, with the Aldenmarsh's border closing soon, the group had to return soon. I decided to stay with them as I thought I could do some good for Aldenmarsh. I kinda soon regretted that when I returned.

I knew Aldenmarsh wasn't the fondest to foreigners, but returning back into the town was hell. My only way to return back into town was sealed off, so I had to enter back directly. During that time, I had to be marked by the town in a very inhumane way for being a foreigner. And after I decided to return to Aldenmarsh to help them out. I just... felt... so upset.

Sadly, shortly afterward, the group lost one of our members. He was one of the newer members, I haven't written about him yet. It looks like his past caught up to him and was magically killed. I'm not who or what killed him. He mainly kept his past to himself. I wish I could have done more to help, but I couldn't anything else.

Honestly, I'm not sure what to do. I'm mad at Aldenmarsh. I find the church and government corrupt. I've notice people glaring at me more often. They graffitied my house, call me an "Orc". It's been hard and part of me wants to make this place better, but another part of me wants to convince the party to move to Xuxuwell.

I still like this place. It looks beautiful. I'm glad I found and joined the party. I enjoy my time studying and working with the Mage's Guild. The magical knowledge here is useful and I've learned a few more spells. By the time this letter gets to you guys, I will probably be a member of the guild myself. It looks like I'm gonna be doing some big things soon. I hope they turn out for the best. I‘m probably leaving town soon to do some official Mage's Guild business alongside the party. Not my idea, but the group really needs the gold. That entrance fee took almost all of my savings.

Still, I really miss you guys. I really want to visit you guys. I want to eat Kipper's cooking. I want to discuss magical theories with Eldon. I really want to hug you guys. But it looks like it'll be some time before that happens. I'll keep a lookout on learning that sending spell soon. It'll probably be better than sending letters and waiting for a reply. Still, send a message when you get this letter. I hope to see you soon.


sent from zorrinn to kipper, on Year 422, day 110

Dear Kipper (and hopefully Master Eldon),

I just got your letter and I'm not gonna lie, I am concern for Eldon. My group is soon traveling up north to Egg Island for a task. Hopefully, we'll be done by the time this letter gets to you. 
My group had decided to head to the ruins if Eldon hasn't reappeared yet to try to look for him. We're nearby the area and wouldn't be too far off from Mond. If he reappears by the time you get this letter or before we find him, can you tell him to send a message to me to make sure he's okay.
I hope everything is alright. I know he can take care of himself, but I'm still worried. I partially blame myself for reigniting his curiosity. I am also concerned because whoever wrote this book wasn't exactly the kindest person. He's most likely dead, but hopefully, the ruins stay ruined. 
Hopefully, everything turns out fine and he goes back home alive and well. I'll keep in touch. If everything goes alright, we may pass by and visit if we have the time.

See you soon,

P.S. I did move so here's my new address ------------

sent from kipper to zorrinn, on Year 422, day 109


I'm glad to hear you're making so many new friends, and it made me very happy to get a letter back so soon. Sorry I've been so slow to answer. I'm not sure there's an easy way to say this, but Eldon has gone missing. No need to worry yet! You know he can take care of himself, and he might have just gotten distracted like he does. But even though I know he's probably just distracted by some eldrich carving somewhere, I am sick with thinking in circles already. I'm sorry to burden you with this, when we don't even know what's happened, but I didn't want to hold off writing any longer--I was hoping to write you back together with him.

The last I saw him, he was headed back to the ruins. We had read your letter, and I'll just bet he going to take more notes and surprise you with them in our letter back. I remember he got so distracted the first time we visited, he'd forget to eat, and I practically had to drag him away. I'm heading there now, to see if anything happened. Hopefully I'm just being a fusspot and I'll drag back a distracted husband for a second time.

- Dad

sent from zorrinn to eldon/kipper, on Year 422, day ?

Dear Master Eldon and Kipper,

Hello. I know it's been a while since I last sent a letter. Things have been eventful from my end these last couple of weeks.

For starters, my progress on the tome had been delayed due to an unforeseen circumstance, but it may have led me to an opportunity to study it closer than first expected. I've also begun to figure out the meaning of the runes, and it does lead to an unusual type of magic. I've been able to "feel", if I could best describe it, what I am assuming to be different events in time, and I can slightly alter it, for better or for worst. Also, the tomes contain a lot of the same runes that I found relate to time. I feel that whoever wrote this might of had access to time magic or maybe the simple layout of how it works. I am continuing to study and practice it whenever I have some free time to myself. I've been busy with other things.

So, I've recently begun work as an adventurer. It was a simple job and it paid plenty of gold. Well, it started as one job, but it looks like I may be getting other jobs soon. I'm about to go to another one the next day after writing this. Not sure how I feel about them yet. Was it like this when you two started adventuring?

I'm not alone in my adventures. I've been with this group of people. An interesting bunch they are. Not too sure if I'm used to them yet, though I had begun living with them. We meant during an event in Cayonport and we worked together to solve it and earn a good amount of silver. They're a work in progress, though I think that also includes me as well. I'm sure that they're good people.

There's Cal, our leader. He's quite serious and level-headed most of the time. Reminds me a bit of you Kipper. Honestly, I find him more akin to myself. He was one of the two who lead the group's formation. Although slightly reluctant, I think he would be a good leader.

Elira is an interesting woman. Honestly, she's too kind and generous for her own good at times. She tends to march to the beat of her own tune and it tends to be difficult for me to keep up at times. She also really tried to push me to join the group as well. Well, in the end, I did commit myself to joining the group.

Corvus is the large, silent type. He's almost pure muscle, but I tell he has a gentle side. It's sometimes difficult to get a full read on him. Honestly, if I want some peace and quiet, I may just hang out with him and read a book.

Lastly, there's Becket. Becket is an interesting person. He also marches to the beat of his own tune, but in a way that is interesting to watch. I find myself admiring his freedom and will to do what he wants. He does reckless stuff at times and really likes his drink, but I feel like he's truly himself. He honestly reminds me of Master Eldon, just without the focus on magic and riddles. I wanna see if I can learn from him or maybe find a bit of myself from him.

I think I'm starting to figure out what you guys were saying before I left. Not the complete picture, but something. I may figure it out once I spent more time with this group of people. Maybe it may help me figure out this tome. Anyways, this is what I have to report for now. I'll try to write to you much sooner. Hope everything back home is fine and well, and the academy hasn't blown up again. I'm also sending some souvenirs. Hope you like them.

Until Next,
From Zorrinn