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Eldon Glittergem-Humplebumple (mentor)

Eldon is an eccentric yet slightly absent-minded man. When he is teaching, he would often joke around and would often offer cryptic, yet helpful advice to Zorrinn, other students, and even his fellow professors. He’s would often trail off into different thoughts or investigates things that peak his interests. He’s the typical eccentric mentor character. Eldon has very unkempt brown hair and a beard.

Eldon is a retired adventurer who mainly explored ancient ruins and studied any magical secrets that he could find. He made a name for himself for not only being a popular adventurer but also being a powerful mage. In his later years, he decided to settle down with his husband and retire from the adventuring lifestyle. He would still gain a position of teaching at a mage’s academy to keep himself entertained with the academy’s daily shenanigans and pass down his knowledge to his students. He would later take in Zorrinn after being impressed with his abilities and learning that Zorrinn is an orphan. He would take in Zorrinn to not only train him personally but also provide the child with a semblance of a loving family.

Kipper Glittergem-Humplebumple (mentor's husband)

Kipper is Eldon’s husband and also a surrogate father for Zorrinn. Kipper is calmer and kinder if a bit more responsible, compared to his husband. Kipper usually made sure that Zorrinn is cared for, and would make sure to keep the two grounded if the two become hyperfocused in their studies. Kipper is also overprotected of Zorrinn and Eldon. Kipper is more plum compared to his husband and has short dark blonde hair. He also has a scar along the side of his face.

Kipper was Eldon’s fellow teammate. Although he was a cleric, he preferred to fight up close with a sword and shield. Kipper joined the group as a hired bodyguard and to be able to earn gold for his family. Kipper would find himself falling for Eldon and ends up marrying him. As they got older, Kipper convince Eldon to retire for their sakes. Kipper would follow his dream and open up a bakery near the mage’s academy. When Eldon took in Zorrinn, he did so on a whim and without telling Kipper. Kipper still brought in Zorrinn with open arms, but still scolded Eldon for fostering a child without telling Kipper and not even prepping for Zorrinn’s arrival.


Okay, so one of the npc ideas I had is an elf or half-elf noble who was Zorrinn's classmate, rival, and bully (maybe romantic interest idk. There was probably some tension there). I imagine him as a sort of Draco Malfoy type of character. Basically, he's the snobby noble from a powerful and famous family who got handed everything in life. He's still a skilled and advanced wizard during the mage's academy. When Zorrinn entered the academy, this guy made fun of him. He mostly comments on Zorrinn being poor and how the academy is allowing "any old street rat to join the mage's academy". This catches Zorrinn's attention and annoyance. Not soon after the start of the school year, Zorrinn managed to impressed his classmates with how skilled he was at his level and afterward mentions (mostly staring at his rival) that he was pretty much self-taught. From there on, the two started a bitter rivalry. The two tried to surpass each other at every turn. The rival not wanting a slum-lizard to surpass him, and Zorrinn sees him as a goal post and likes seeing him getting annoyed. When their time at the academy came to an end, his rival continued on to work for his family or become a raising member of some sort of mage's group. Zorrinn was unsure and was thinking of doing something similar or continuing to assist Eldon before being convinced to go to Aldenmarsh. Right now, I would expect the rival to have a sort of status higher than what Zorrinn is (maybe sort of famous as a rising mage), but not high enough to be super powerful. I don't know what his name will be, or if he's a full elf or half-elf. If you want me to decide I can. That's one npc idea I had. Do with him as you will.