za3k > aldenmarsh > lore > spell sales Some spells are available for purchase by the Church of Baneth. They are available in major cities or churches. About one in three priests of Baneth can cast spells.

Spell Cost in SP Effects
Contact Other Plane 8000
Detect Magic 100
Detect Poison and Disease 100
Augury 250
Divination 2100
Identify 200
Locate Object 400
Locate Create 1600
Scrying 3500
Cure Wounds 100 5 hp
Prayer of Healing 400 10 hp
Lesser Restoration 400 Cure one of disease, blindness, deafness, paralyzation, or poison
Greater Restoration 4500 Cure charm, petrify, curse, ability reduction, HP max
Raise Dead 12500 Works for 10 days after death
Hallow 22500

Other spells (like "Detect Evil") may be perfomed by the Church for the government, but are not available for sale as commodities.