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2021-03-28, 20:00 UTC

This was a 2-hour minecraft race-style contest on Twitch. Competitors were 6 teams of 4 popular twitch streamers each. It was sponsored by Monumenta.

There were 25 "deeds" (non-traditional minecraft achievements) in the contest. 3 points were given for the first group to complete an achievements, 2 points for all other groups to complete it. At the end of the time limit, whoever had the most points won.

25 Deeds

Results and Stream Replays

Team Points Members
Legacy 1 / PP+LL 42 LogicalGeekBoy, slicedlime, PearlescentMoon, PoptartKatze
Team 1 38 iJevin, impulseSV (yt), Jessassin, Pixlriffs
HC1 (Hermitcraft 1) 38 Cubfan135, FalseSymmetry, Joe Hills (yt), VintageBeef
HC2 (Hermitcraft 2) 34 Xisuma (yt), Rendog, Stressmonster101, iskall85
Team 2 26 ChimneySwift11, gnembon, Cojomax99, kingbdogz
Legacy 2 25 Avomance, ZloyXP, NashCrafter, Skizzleman