Currently no one has backed up (aside from Github). This webpage is about progress toward that. If you have 150-200TB of disk space and really good internet, please contact me about getting a copy of github.

List of Respositories

I host some metadata about github's repositories. This includes a lot of basic data about the repository, but NOT the issues, any wiki, downloads, or the git repository. As of Nov 2015, github has 28.3 million repositories.

List of Gists

Metadata for gists is currently unavailable from github, but I'm working with them to make it public.

Github Timeline

The Events Timeline is emphemeral, and being successfully recorded by A second person running the same program in case of downtime would be a plus.

(New!) is downloading the same timeline, and also fetching fuller historical data.

Estimates on archiving repositories

I selected 1000 random repositories from the above list, removing 427 forks. I then checked out all repositories. The total size was 4.3G, with or without compression. It was around 3 GB for a shallow checkout. If we assume forks take no space, this means an average github repository takes up 4.3M. Omitting the largest repositories may improve this estimate, but I didn't run further tests.

If there are 28,000,000 repositories on github at an average size of 4.3M each, that multiplies out to around 120TB data total for the git repositories.

Additional information