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software i've written. most has extensive documentation if you click through the link.

see also hack-a-day, my challenge to write one piece of software a day in Nov 2022


status project written description
works cryptogram 2021-08-25 interactive cryptogram solver
works etherpad 2020-08-08 download, upload, or modify individual texts from an etherpad instance.
works export-chrome-booksmarks 2015-06-04 export chrome bookmarks, one per line.
works keystroked 2021-03-23 activity logger. log clock minutes where the keyboard is used or not used. i use this to track when i'm at the computer and when i went to sleep.
beta ok-mixnet 2021-05-20 a one-time-pad based, high-latency mixnet. proof of concept. explanation here
works passgen 2016-01-16 generates random passwords and passphrases
works prng 2019-01-04 generate pseudo-random data. has a large number of features built-in to do things like test usb drives and cloud storage. good for testing chinese sd cards and usb sticks to make sure they're the claimed size.
works qr-backup 2021-06-01 make paper backups of a file. the file can be restored by holding the paper up to a webcam.
works rip-chrome-history 2017-06-06 export chrome history, one per line.
works transcribe 2020-11-17 a quick-and-dirty interface for transcribing scanned documents.
works vlad the remailer 2013-09-05 a bot which emails users once a day asking them what they did. based around a similar system in use at google.
works watch-to-file 2019-03-27 analagous to the linux command 'watch', but outputs to a file. periodically runs a program and saves the output to a file.
works xor 2020-04-20 xors two files together. would you believe there's not a standard program for this? see also add-base-26.
beta youtube-autodl 2022-07-07 automatically download your favorite youtube channels and playlists, and organize them how you like.

less useful software

status project written description
works billpay-ios 2015-03-28 select someone to pay for lunch at random
works diskprices-scrape 2021-01-03 scrape hard disk prices using
works hours 2015-05-01 calculate what hours you've been at the computer from your bash history
works markov 2015-06-01 generate some random nonsense
works math 2021-02-03 do basic math like "2+2" from the command line
works newlatin 2015-06-01 a joke project which converts the bible into the "new latin" (pig latin). written for national novel generating month.
alpha projects 2017-01-07 a project-management system i use to keep track of remote git repositories in my home directory. ex 'project fetch'. probably not useful for anyone else.
works roll 2021-02-23 roll dungeons and dragons dice (ex 4d6+3)
works rpi-setup 2020-04-18 set up a raspberry pi to be bootable. works headless for several pi versions.
works rtmux 2016-03-20 ssh into another computer and run tmux. probably my most frequently run program.
works scan-organizer 2022-07-22 my process for sorting scans. useful, but mostly for me. buggy.
works sum 2021-06-05 add a list of numbers. there's no standard program to do it.
alpha vim-leaves 2017-04-30 a vim plugin for working with fixed-size, monospace sheets of paper.
alpha volcano 2013-02-05 a simple roguelike written in python. not too fun.
alpha youtube-dl-master 2020-08-08 youtube-dl has a "--download-archive" which prevents downloading the same file multiple times. but you'll quickly find out you need this wrapper to make it useful.

even less useful software

a complete list is on github.

services (source code)

status service written description
defunct forgetio 2016-04-26 a public sms message service useful for psychological studies
running moreorcs 2019-03-18 generate orc-themed throwaway email addresses
running 2021-07-21 free public shell server
running 2021-06-03 this site