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God: Baneth "The True See-r"

Symbol: A stylized eye (three concentric circles, the middle one filled in)

Holy Weapon: Spear or Longbow

Domain: Knowledge / Any

Alignment: N


Baneth is the God of True Seeing. Mortals first met him a millineum ago, though he has not appeared in Aldenmarsh in centuries. He is an undemanding god, simply watching, and occasionally granting gifts to those whose character or actions please him. He primary demand to his followers is to see the world as it is, with open eyes; turning aside falsehood, ignorance, and simplicity. His followers frequently will offer free education, especially in basic literacy and languages, and free libraries. Faithful priests might preach. They also might pursue greater insight on their own through worldly travel, scholarly research, or spiritual ritual. Service is every Light. Baneth religion involves many long speeches and elaborate rituals, as well as an emphasis on moral and social character. It plays down the role of action or prayer. His followers agree Baneth has not been seen walking the world for centuries.

Followers of Baneth like: literacy, education, and investigation Followers dislike: willful ignorance, boasting, and self-deception They have no strong opinions as a faith on secrets, illusions, or straightforwardness.


The Church of Baneth is mostly a political institution of Aldenmarsh. Everyone in Aldenmarsh is required to be a member of the church, and attend church service every Light day. However, actual strong attachment is Baneth and prayer is neither required or common in the population--maybe 20% of the population is actually faithful.

Church (Governmental powers)


Church Structure

Church structure is hierarchical, with local priests and bureaucrats at the bottom of the hierarchy, all the way up to the High Priests in Canyonport at the top. Control over Canyonport is tighter, while religious observances may be rarer and more relaxed in the country.


The sacred text is a single book, called the Holy Book of Baneth. There are a number of lesser tracts from the centuries, most of which are publicly available but considered unimportant and less canonical.

Divine Magic

Spellcasting ability is rare, even in the priesthood--maybe 1 in 3 priests can cast 1st level spells. Spells are available for sale from the church. Healing and Divination spells can be purchased in Canyonport and other major Church locations.