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Country, Copper Kingdom


Population: 40,000

Capital City: Copper Palace (government), Draxlaxis (largest city)

Climate: Cold

Geography: Hills and mountains

Languages: Draconic

Exports: Gems, Tea, Metals

Imports: Food, Wood, Metal, Services

Economy: Gem mines, Military

Species: Dragonborn

Laws: Typical, somewhat relaxed. Copper dragonborn citizens only.

Government: Monarchy (emperor) with clan heads

Bordering nations (clockwise): Xuxuwell, Mond, Ocean


The Copper Kingdom is one enormous clan of copper dragonborn. A thousand years ago the emperors were copper dragons in human form. Modern emperors still claim to be, but they're really just copper dragonborn. Non-dragonborn are faily common, but don't have full rights and usually work in service industries. The Copper Kingdom is fairly rich.

The Copper Kingdom is current engaged in naval and aerial war with another continent.