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Country, Mond


Population: 500,000

Capital City: Mond City

Climate: Temperate

Geography: Rolling hills, forests, small mountain ranges

Languages: Common

Exports: Fine goods, glassware, ceramics, metalwork, carpentry

Imports: Lumber, raw metals, luxuries, labor

Economy: Import-export

Species: Gnomes, halflings, humans, some others.

Laws: Standard

Government: Republic

Bordering nations (clockwise): Lorille, Splintered States, Ocean, Copper Kingdom, Xuxuwell


Mond is a fairly large, industrialized country. It manufactures high-quality items, often at larger scales. Although it is at about the same technology level as Aldenmarsh, the technology is widespread, rather than being used only for a few large public projects or specialized goods. It is relatively mechanized--watermills and windmills may power log-cutting operations or transport minecarts.