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Country, Dwarven Reach


Population: 200,000

Capital City: Broken Mountain

Climate: Mild to hot. Rainy (monsoons)

Geography: Hills and rivers

Languages: Dwarvish, Common, Traki, Aldish

Exports: Weapons, armor, metalwork, metals, stones

Imports: Gems, Luxuries, Magic, Leather, Metal Ore

Economy: Mining and manufacturing

Species: Dwarves, Humans

Laws: Typical. A strong legal system

Government: Monarchy

Bordering nations (clockwise): Bal Moshi, North Humlend, Eldwood, Magic Sea, Agaria


The Dwarven Reach is a monarchy of hill dwarves and some dark dwarves. There are some human settlements, especially on the coast of the Magic Sea.

The Reach has a strong military but a policy of nonintervention and loosely tends to be neutral. The Reach does most of its trading as a whole, not as individuals or companies. It is a major player in most trade agreements on the continent.

Humlend dwarves generally have a reputation for being rich and miserly--a dwarf might eat plain black bread off a golden plate. As the dwarves say, "gold is for having, not for spending". War is looking possible between the Dwarven Reach and the Copper Kingdom over gemstone mines in the Copper Kingdom.

Other dwarves

Other dwarvish settlements on the continent are independent and not part of the Dwarven Reach. These include Silver Hall (South Lorille-Wastes), Hammerstrength (South Lorille), Duskforge (Sourth Lorille), Ten Chisels Hall/Yewdell (Nathnan) and Closed Hall (South Lorille-Xuxuwell).