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Country, Eldwood


Population: 2,000

Capital City: None

Climate: Warm

Geography: Ancient forest

Languages: Elden Elvish, Elvish, Sylvan, Common

Exports: None

Imports: None

Economy: None

Species: Eldwood Elves

Laws: Strict. No settlement, see below

Government: Unknown

Bordering nations (clockwise): Magic Sea, Dwarven Reach, North Humlend, Ocean, Splintered States, Lorille, Four Spires, Maris, Aldenmarsh


The Eldwood is a dense forest, defining the country.

The only sentient residents are forest sprites and the Children of Eldwood (below), its keepers. The entrire country is a sacred site to the Children of Eldwood. Felling trees is prohibited, and rules regarding making settlements are so stringent as to prohibit them in practice.


Entry is regularly permitted to outsiders to travel through, and permimssion is not required in advance. Travellers are often escorted.

The Lanolis river is a major river passing through the Eldwood. Boats travel it heavily in both directions. There are several inns along the river for boatmen.


The Eldwood dates from the Creation of the world, circa -15,000.

Eldwood has not gone to war in written memory. Its neighbors seem content to respect it as a sacred site.

Children of Eldwood

Not much is known about the Children of Eldwood, also called the Eldwood Elves, who are singularly uncommunicative with outsiders. They have a lifespan in the high thousands of years, but usually remain passive and silent, both as individuals and as a race. Each Child of Eldwood seems to be different from each other, so it's hard to draw general conclusions. They protect the Eldwood and rarely leave it. Their total population is between 1,000 and 2,000, but many are skilled huntsmen or powerful divine spellcasters.

Elvish stories often include a child of Eldwood observing in the story, who does nothing, does not progress the story, and is usually mentioned with contempt. Stories from other races may paint them as mysterious, puppetiers of a vast conspiracy, helpful "gandalf" figures, or passive observers.