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Country, Southern (Humland) Federation


Population: 170,000

Capital City: Kingston (in Yania)

Climate: Moderate

Geography: Mixed. Forests, Meadows, Valleys, and cliffs.

Languages: Aldish, Common, Traki

Exports: Craft goods, Mercenaries, Food, Timber

Imports: Luxuries, Culture, Food, Drink, Drugs

Economy: Mixed, but mostly self-sufficient

Species: Mixed

Laws: Liberal

Government: Federation (4 monarchies)

Bordering nations (clockwise): Ocean, Bal Moshi, South Daylia, Magic Sea, Grag'hesh, Sharoque


The Southern Humland Federation is made up of four monarchies: Yania, Leesque, Pendlend, and Rothia. The Federation wants South Daylia and Sharoque to join as well. The Southern Federation has a fair amount of migration and traffic across internal borders.

Jaroni Islands

The Jaroni Islands, off the coast, have also joined the federation. They have a population of 5,000 and are too small to get an equal say.