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Country, Grag'hesh


Population: 130,000

Capital City: Haldek Vin (Mountain of Skulls)

Climate: Tropical

Geography: Flat plains

Languages: Orcish

Exports: Weapons, salt, lumber, ore, stone

Imports: Weapons, metalwork, armor, food

Economy: Slavery, warfare

Species: Orcs, half-orcs

Laws: Mostly individual judgement.

Government: Rule by military hierarchy.

Bordering nations (clockwise): Magic Sea, Nathnan, The Wastes, Sharoque, Southern Federation


Grag'hesh is the orcish homeland--all orcs on the continent come from there. It is in a state of perpetual war with one or more of its neighbors. It's essentially incapable of surviving on its own--raids and wars with neighbors are the only way the orcs can eat, either by directly stealing food, or more often pillaging and buying food. Orcish society respects soldier, raiders, and the strong.

Grag'hesh is currently at war with Sharoque, and skirmishes with the Dwarven Reach.