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playtesting: it sucked

you are albus doubledore. you are fighting your evil twin in the mirror over who will get a pair of very comfy socks. or was it the other way around? and can you win?

doubledore is a tower defense card game. whenever you defeat an enemy, it is transported into the mirror to attack your opponent.

to play you will need a friend (or enemy) and a standard deck of cards.

written by zachary "za3k" vance on 2021-06-06.

note: we playtested the game, and it's not good. it's luck-based, and you basically always lose. this would need some major changes to work.


Black cards are spells. Red cards are monsters.

Each player has a dungeon of spells and monsters. Each player has a face-up discard pile. Each player has a face-up hand (spellbook) of black cards (spells). Your spellbook can only fit 5 spells--if you ever have more, discard down to 5.

There is also a central face-down draw pile, which is used to fill the dungeon back up sometimes, and a central removed pile of spells removed from the game.

Each player plays as fast as they wish, at their own pace. The winner is whoever has both comfy socks (the two black aces).

A player will sometimes discard monsters or spells to their opponent's discard pile--a player never discards to their own discard pile. A player will also sometimes remove spells from play to the central removed pile.


  1. Deal three random spades to one player. Deal three random clubs to the other player. These are your starting spells. Put them face-up in front of you to form your spellbook.
  2. Re-shuffle the deck.
  3. Deal a "dungeon" of ten cards to each player, face-down.

Play (each turn)

  1. Turn the top card in the dungeon face-up.
  2. Play any spell to defeat the current monster. Spells are always successful.
  3. Discard the defeated monster to your opponent's discard pile.
  4. If your dungeon is now empty: Turn your discard pile face down, making it the dungeon pile. Draw 3 cards from the central draw pile, adding them on top of the dungeon.