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sometimes I made games. I make board games, card games, storytelling games, and computer games. the rules are collected here.

game date type complexity players tested? recommended? description
doubledore 2021-06-06 card low 2 yes no a tower-defense card game. when you defeat a monster, it attacks your opponent instead.
faux pas 2021-04-28 cooperative mid 3-8 no maybe a "visible role" game, where everyone knows your secret identity except you. try to enter the dining room in order of nobility rank.
doodle adventures 2021-03-29 drawing low 1-6 no yes listen as a premade story is revealed, and doodle what happens.
emperical zendo 2021-03-19 board mid 2-8 no no a variant on traditional zendo, where you score points for predicting the rule but never guess the rule outright.
logic potions 2021-03-13 board high 2-4 no no a potion-brewing game. not about logical deduction, but about logical deduction clues themselves
deadly education rpg 2021-02-12 roleplaying mid 2-6, plus GM no no a traditional pen-and-paper roleplaying game based on the affinity-based magic system from Naomi Novik's "A Deadly Education"
loot boxes 2021-02-08 storytelling low 2-4 yes maybe "Car trip" game. Players have an inventory of random items. They must use the items to solve a series of challenges.
no, this cannot be! I AM INVINCIBLE! v2 2021-02-08 storytelling mid 2-8 yes yes Villains send wave after harder wave of enemies at the Heros, until they kill the Villains.
ninjas ninjas ninjas! v2 2021-02-07 storytelling mid-high 3 no no Fast, diceless storytelilng game about how cool ninjas are.
ultimate archwizards vs the dark Lord 2021-02-03 storytelling low 3-5, plus GM yes yes One-page storytelling game about the final episode in a fight anime.
stupid conspiracies 2021-01-17 party, competitive low 10+ no maybe Conspiracy nutjobs try to join as many conspiracies as possible, and get as many people as possibly to believe their conspiracy.
stupid russia 2017-10-29 party, competitive mid-high 10+, plus GM yes no Spy directors make deals with each other, trying to report more agents than anyone else, without getting their own agents executed.
colony on the moon 2016-07-05 computer (minecraft) high 1+ alpha no A minecraft modpack. Based around providing reductionist components and having the player do their own automation.
volcano 2013-02-05 computer low-med 1 beta no An ASCII roguelike I made in college. Not much fun.