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playtesting: none

Probably needs at least 4 players.

written by zachary "za3k" vance on 2021-04-28. Version 1 2


Part of a deck of cards.

The Teams

Each card is one person (role). You will be assigned a card in a second.

Black cards represent "our sort of people".

Red cards represent "not our sort of people".

The Setting

Draw a card at random WITHOUT LOOKING AT IT. Hold it to your head. This is your identity. Everyone knows it except for you.

There may be zero red cards, or multiple red cards.

You are at a high society ball, and everyone is unsure how they rank. Is the Ambassador of Korea announced before or after the Viscount of Andorra? Your goal is to politely mingle with other guests eating hors d'oeuvre in the anteroom, then enter the ballroom in correct order of rank.

Entering the Ballroom

At any point, a player can announce, "I enter the ballroom.". They then start counting: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. If they reach 6, the black team loses.

Instead, another player should quickly announce "I too enter the ballroom", and begin counting, and so on.

After you reach 6, or if a player enters after you, lay down your card and look at it.

Once everyone has entered the room, the game is complete, and the black team wins.

Faux Pas

If any player commits a faux pas, they lose and are out of the game. They look at their card. If they are a black player, their team has lost. If they are a red player, the game most likely continues.

When a faux pas is committed, announce it to the group. Once everyone agrees, then the player looks at their card.

The Red Cards