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a frustrating game similar to "20 questions". best with 2 players.

supplies needed: none

not yet playtested. estimated time, 1+ hours

written up by zachary "za3k" vance on 2022-02-25

how to play

  1. one player is the Secret-Haver, and the other player is the Guesser.
  2. the Secret-Haver picks a secret the other people have to guess, like "cake". pick something really hard to guess, like "george washington's tenth birthday cake".
  3. the Guesser asks yes-or-no questions ("is it an animal?"), and the Secret-Haver answers them ("no")
  4. if the second player guesses the secret, they win.

credits this game was probably designed by someone else, but we can't figure out who. it's explicitly designed to increase your frustration tolerance.