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Character Creation

  1. Once you start rolling dice (attributes, HP, or starting GP), no takebacks. If you don't like your rolls, tough.
  2. Generally, if you want to make some changes to fit your character idea, ask! I'm pretty open to it, and while I might not always say yes, I'll at least offer an alternative. Anything aesthetic-only will almost certainly be approved (ex. changing spell descriptions without changing game effects, or changing what starting equipment looks like).
  3. Add yourself on roll20. Ask the DM for a character sheet (and character sheet for a familiar if needed)
  4. Level. Match the level the party is at. Check the discord for what that is.
  5. Attributes. You may choose any of the following methods:
    1. Roll 4d6 six times, each time discarding the lowest die. Re-order however you want.
    2. Take the standard array: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8
    3. Use standard point buy (27 points)
  6. Allowed classes and races:
  7. If you want to tweak your background or make a custom background, the answer is yes for anything in the standard "custom background" options, ask me if you want to do anything else
  8. Languages. Exotic languages like Celestial are allowed.
  9. Skill proficiencies.
  10. Starting equipment. At level 5+, ask the DM. Otherwise, choose any of the following methods:
    1. Take the suggested gear for your class and background
    2. Roll for gold as given in the player's handbook.
    3. Take the average roll for your class as given in the player's handbook.
  11. Write a character bio. Include
  12. After your first play session, I also recommend making a backup character in case your PC dies. This doesn't have to be in roll20, but I'm happy to give you a sheet if you want one.