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Country, Maris

City, Free City of Maris


Population: 250,000 (150,000 permanent)

Capital City: Maris

Climate: Tropical

Geography: Metropolis (stone plain)

Languages: Common, Aldish, Elven

Exports: Luxuries, drinks, drugs, magic

Imports: Luxuries, food, raw materials

Economy: Tourism, service industry, and trade

Species: Mixed. Humans, half-elves. Many exotic races.

Laws: Liberal

Government: Democracy

Bordering nations (clockwise): Eldwood, Four Spires, Aldenmarsh


Maris is a large city, recognized together with a small amount of land around the city as a state by its neighbors. It is a major trade center. It's a popular tourist destination, and boasts a number of skilled workers. Nearly half the "population" are temporary workers and tourists.