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Country, Four Spires


Population: 80,000

Capital City: Hartvale (secular); White Granite Spire (spires)

Climate: Tropical

Geography: Rocky desert, plains

Languages: Common

Exports: Glasswork, herbal and alcoholic drinks, magic, drugs

Imports: Magic, weapons, armor, food

Economy: Agrarian and adventuring

Species: Human, half-elves, halflings, some others

Laws: Standard

Government: An parliment of nobles directs the country. A tribunal of powerful spellcasters controls the spires and directs adventurers.

Bordering nations (clockwise): Maris, Eldwood, Lorille, Aldenmarsh


Four Spires is named after four large towers created about 800 years ago. The spires are full of dangers and magic. Only three of the four have been opened.

Four Spires is fairly poor.