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Country, Nathnan


Population: 150,000

Capital City: Largest city, Fryberg. Seat of government, Castle Nathnan.

Climate: Tropical

Geography: Rolling and flat wetlands

Languages: Common, Aldish

Exports: Lumber, Armor, Siege weapons, Weapons, Stone, Iron and Steel, Furs, Preserved Meat

Imports: Food (especially plant-based), Services, Cloth, Luxuries

Economy: Self-sufficient

Species: Humans, Dwarves, Half-orcs

Laws: Standard

Government: Monarchy. Rule by Baron Nathnan.

Bordering nations (clockwise): Magic Sea, Aldenmarsh, The Wastes, Grag'hesh


Nathan is a small country with both trade ports and a larger inland forest area. It is about 1,200 years old, older than the surrounding counties. It is largely self-sufficient. Nathnan has a strong military.