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Region, The Wastes


Population: 5,000

Capital City: N/A

Climate: Hot, Dry

Geography: Plateau, Rocky Desert, Sandy Desert, Badlands

Languages: Common

Exports: Varies

Imports: Varies

Economy: Trade

Species: Mixed

Laws: None

Government: Anarchy/tribal

Bordering nations (clockwise): Sharoque, Grag'hesh, Nathnan, Aldenmarsh, Lorille, Senly Faye, Ocean, Bat Vadyne, Ocean


The wastes is a vast wasteland. It's dry, and mostly at high elevation. There are a few scattered settlements, as well as isolated houses, tents, and nomads. The only major city is Salzberg, an human and orcish salt mining town.

Parts of the wastes are claimed by other countries on paper, sometimes more than one, but no one actually lives there.