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Country, Senly Faye


Population: Approx 100,000

Capital City: "Capital"

Climate: Mild to cool

Geography: Grasslands and tundra

Languages: Common

Exports: Meat, Cheese, Horses, Hides

Imports: Grain, Weapons

Economy: Self-sufficient and trade

Species: Halflings, Tieflings, Humans

Laws: Tribal, somewhat traditional

Government: Tribal

Bordering nations (clockwise): The Wastes, Lorille, Xuxuwell, Ocean


The Senly Faye is home to the a tribe of halfings, who ride standing on the back of horses and buffalo; tieflings in the colder east, who care for enormous herds of yaks; and smaller groups of goat-herding humans. All three are nomadic.


The Senly Feye is a broad cross-tribal affiliation. The various tribes of the grasslands and tundra banded together for political purposes to deal with their neighbors, but operate independently. Actual formal government is done about once a year, in a large plain the nation has designated its "capitol". Most of the year it is kept empty, with only 4 foreign embassies.