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Country, Lorille


Population: 700,000

Capital City: Hassiny

Climate: Temperate

Geography: Plains and Forests (north), Mountains (south)

Languages: Common

Exports: Lumber, Iron, Silver, Furniture, Food

Imports: Luxuries, Food, Steel

Economy: Mixed agrarian and trade

Species: Mixed. Humans, halflings, gnomes, half-elves.

Laws: Standard

Government: Monarchy

Bordering nations (clockwise): Aldenmarsh, Four Spires, Eldwood, Splintered States and Lake Lanolis, Mond and Lanolis River, Xuxuwell, Senly Faye, The Wastes

Underground nations: Hammerstrength, Silver Hall, Duskforge


North Lorille has moderate population density.

South Lorille is low population density on the surface. There are several dwarvish halls on the surface and underground. These are legally their own nations, but the two are on friendly terms and trade actively.


Lorille and Aldenmarsh have been frequently at war over land in the 400 years since Aldenmarsh was founded. The last war ended in 398 when Aldenmarsh sued for peace, losing a large part of South Lorille.

Some of the northern wastes is claimed by both Mond and Lorille. No war has broken out because the land does not have anyone living there.