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Political Area, Splintered States


Population: 100,000

Climate: Temperate to cold

Geography: Plains, hills and small mountains

Languages: Common

Exports: Foodstuffs, alcoholic drinks, precious metals, cloth (rugs and tapestries)

Imports: Weapons, armor, lumber

Economy: Self-sufficient agrarian

Species: Mixed. Humans, halflings, gnomes, dwarves, dragonkin

Capital City: N/A

Laws: N/A

Government: Multiple

Bordering nations (clockwise): Eldwood, Ocean, Mond, Lake Lanolis, Lorille


The Splintered States are the name for a political region north of Lake Lanolis. There are over 20 countries in the small area, and due to ever-shifting borders, maps are rarely up to date. Broadly, the area is feudal, with rule by a single prince, duke, king etc or their royal family. Multiple inheritance (appanage) and wars between member states are both common, causing the continuing "splintering" of the Splintered States. Wars rarely cross the border of the region.